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16 days: Anatolia between Euphrates and Tigris to the Black Sea

Brief description 

Göbekli Tepe Southeast Anatolia - an archaeological sensation! Only a fraction of this first man-made monumental cult site has so far been exposed. The oldest sculptures, enigmatic figures and relief-decorated megalithic pillars, lay hidden in the earth here for over 10,000 years. Humans settled in the fertile crescent north of the Syrian desert, this is the cradle of civilization. In the early Neolithic, permanent settlements emerged, and agriculture and cattle breeding developed. Historically, the Hittites, Greeks and Romans have left their mark on the region. Biblical ground in Urfa, the city of Abraham. In today's Antakya the followers of Jesus were called "Christians" for the first time; The journey leads through northern Mesopotamia to the ancient Christian settlement area of Tur Abdin. A special experience awaits us at Nemrut, the mountain of the gods, with gigantic colossal statues of the Commagenic ruler Antiochus.

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  • German speaking tour guide

  • all transfers according to the program with modern bus 

  • Overnight stays in the hotel in a double room

  • Half board

  • Water throughout the tour

  • all admissions and fees

  • All flights 

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Level 1: easy
It is about a
  Culture trip by bus without hiking


  • Group size       : 6  - 15 people

  • Travel time          :  16  Days
  • Overnight hotel accommodation   : 15 nights

Services not included in the tour price

  • alcoholic beverages, soft drinks

  • Tips

  • Single supplement

  • individual excursions and visits outside the program

  • personal expenses

  • Insurance

DATES : May - October 2021 from 2 people Implementation - Warranty

05.06 - 11.06. 2021 Durchführung  garantiert 

12.06 - 18.06. 2021

19.06 - 25.06. 2021

25.06. - 02.07.2021

09.07. - 16.07.2021

30.07. - 06.08.2021  Durchführung  garantiert 

06.08. - 13.08.2021

13.08. - 20.08.2021

27.08. - 03.09.2021

                                 Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time 

Program changes

On this trip, despite careful preparation, changes to the program due to unforeseeable events must be expected. These can arise due to weather conditions or short-term changes as a result of legal regulations, political decisions or health problems of participants, etc. In any case, we will try to carry out the travel program within the framework of what is responsible or, if not possible, to organize an equivalent alternative program.

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