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At Tour Karte Alm Tochal - Demavand - Ku


  • Group size       : 4 - 12 people

  • Travel time          : 8-16 days
  • Overnight stay in tents     : 2 nights
  • Overnight hotel accommodation  : 6- 13 nights

 The price does not include:

  • missing food and drinks

  • personal expenses

  • individual activities

  • Visa from 50 euros

  • Excess baggage

  • Single supplement 

  • insurance




Level 3:  challenging
These are demanding trekking trips with daily stages of up to 8 hours in length and. approx. 1,400 meters above sea level. The focus of these trips is trekking and this requires physical and mental strength. The stages are sometimes long, steep and also lead through rough terrain. Surefootedness is absolutely necessary. In addition, team spirit, camaraderie and lack of comfort contribute to the success of the vacation trip. In preparation, more intensive training of at least 2-3 times a week should take place.

   Services: ​​

  • all transfers & sightseeing trips in private vehicles

  • all admissions according to the program

  • all overnight stays in middle-class hotels (according to the program) and during the mountain tours

  • in simple local guest houses (shared rooms), on Damavand in 2 person tents

  • Luggage transport during the mountain tour 15 kg of personal luggage (carrier animals)

  • all meals according to the program.

  • Accompanying team: when trekking with a cook,

  • Provision of tents and cookware

  • Luggage transport by mules

  • Trekking and summit permits for Tochal, - Damavand

  • 6 guided hikes; including 2 summit climbs (Tochal, Doberar and Damavand)

  • German speaking local city guide in Tehran

  • English speaking mountain and trekking guide

  • Invitation for the visa (reference number)

Brief description: The name Damavand means “frosty mountain” in Persian or “the mountain containing steam”. It is a classic volcano, but has not been active for about 150 years (dormant volcano). 
The magnificent volcano is located in the Ālborz Mountains, approx. 70 km northeast of the capital Tehran and south of the coastline of the Caspian Sea. It lies in the collision zone between the Eurasian and Arabian tectonic plates and is the highest point in the Middle East.
In Persian literature and poetry, the mountain is also a symbol of the Iranian resistance against arbitrariness and foreign rule. This has given him a special place in Persian mythology.
In Zoroastrian texts, the three-headed dragon Azhi Dahaka was chained to the mountain, where it had to stay until the end of time.
After arriving in the capital Tehran, you will climb Tehran's local mountain, the 3,961 meter high Mount Tochal, in 2 days. During the ascent and from the summit you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Tehran and, with a bit of luck, the highest mountain in the country, the 5,671 meter high Damavand.
Your next goal is to climb Mt. Doberar at an altitude of 4,050 m. In addition to improving the adaptation to altitude, you also have a fantastic view of the Damavand volcanic rock during the ascent and from the summit. With these two peaks in your luggage, you are now well prepared and ready for the ascent of Damavand.
From the mountain village of Reyneh you now start on the most beautiful and easily accessible southern route up to the summit. The starting point is the Saheb al-Sahman Mosque at an altitude of 3,020 m. From here you hike over the mountain slopes littered with flowers and herbs to the high camp (refuge Bargah-e-Sewom).
In the light of the headlamps, you start the ascent at night. With a constant gaze towards the summit, the ascent leads past lava rocks, sulphurous rocks and fields of snow to the roof of Iran. Once at the top, enjoy the outstanding view, which on a clear day extends to Tehran and the Caspian Sea. If you still have power reserves, you can also go around the summit cone (caldera). After the descent and return to Tehran, the hospitality of the Iranians, a hot shower and a city tour through the mega-metropolis await you again.

Extension tip: Persia culture extension

8 days:  Mt.Tochal - Mt. Demavand ascent  

16 days with  Culture extension  in Iran 

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                                 Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time 

Program changes

On this trip, despite careful preparation, changes to the program due to unforeseeable events must be expected. These can arise due to weather conditions or short-term changes as a result of legal regulations, political decisions or health problems of participants, etc. In any case, we will try to carry out the travel program within the framework of what is responsible or, if not possible, to organize an equivalent alternative program.

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