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                 ARARAT CLIMB - TOURS

46 mountains in Asia Minor reach heights of more than 3000m, two are higher than 4,000m and one, the Great Ararat, is over 5,000m. This topographic structure has created a large number of different habitats, with a correspondingly high biodiversity of flora and fauna. The mountain hiker can get to know the unique, barely touched natural landscapes of the people in the mountain villages and on the high alpine pastures, the Yaylas. Geographically, Turkey forms a natural bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe. The peripheral mountains of the Anatolian or drainless basins; They run from west to east and continually rise in height in the same direction.Our trekking tours and mountain climbing take you to the Pontic Mountains and the Taurus, mountains of the younger Alpine fold, and to the highest peaks of volcanic origin in Inner Anatolia and the East. The mountain formations differ greatly from one another due to their origins and therefore each have their own charm.

7 Days: Mt. Ararat Tour 450,-€

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in shorter  time  to the summit of Ararat 

10 Days: Nemrut Crater -Süphan & Ararat Tour 690

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On fast paths with two foothills to Mount Ararat 

14 Days: Nemrut - Süphan & Ararat Tour 850,-€  

In other ways  with two foothills bathing and culture to Mount Ararat 

14 Days: Cappadocia & Ararat Tour  890,-€

From the fairytale land of Cappadocia to Mount Ararat 

14 Days: Mt. Kackar & Ararat TOUR 870,-€

Through colorful Kackar Mountains (Pontic Mountains)  to Mount Ararat 

10 Days: Mt. Süphan & Ararat Tour 690,-€

Ararat 012_edited.jpg
On exciting paths with a foothill to Mount Ararat 

12. Days Mt. Cilo Sat & Ararat TOUR 870,-€

From the second highest mountain to the highest mountain in Turkey Ararat 
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