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14 days tour: Cappadocia, Mt Ercies (3917m) - Ararat (5165m)

 Highlights of the 14 days travel to Mount Embler (3.732m), Mount Erciyes (3.917m), and Ararat (5.165m) on the high plateau of East Anatolia.

  • Sightseeing of the monastery church on the island of Akdamar at Lake Van, which was built in the 10th century. There are many myths and legends not only about mount Ararat, but also about this Church of the holy cross.

  • Ascent of Volcano Mt Erciyes (3.917m)

  • Ascent of Ararat, (5.165 m), the highest mountain in Turkey. The ascent, technically graded as rather easy for a 5000m high mountain, will take place, along the only permitted route involving two camps.

  • Sightseeing of the İshak-Paşa-Palace, which was built high above a plateau at Dogubayazit in the 17th century. It controlled for centuries the caravan traffic of the Silk Route, which it overlooks.

  • Visit to the hot water springs of Diyadin, which are favourably compared with the springs of Pamukkale and which are a wonderful photo motif.

  • The historic centre of Van has an eventful history and shows the influence of many cultures. We will show you the most beautiful sights of Van.

  • The hospitality of a Kurdish nomad family during a relaxing dinner will add many unforgettable moments.

1 day: Flight via Istanbul to Kayseri. Transfer to Mustafapasa or Avanos.

2 day: Soğanlı Valley, Derinkuyu From Güzelöz with its former cave dwellings and cave churches, we hike through the two valleys of Soğanlı, where we can admire the Kubbeli churches. They are carved into high tuff cone towers, have domed roofs and their architecture is reminiscent of Armenian cross-domed churches. The numerous pigeon houses in the rocks are striking. About 3 hours, about 10 km, medium, 500 m ↑, 500 m ↓. Then drive to Derinkuyu. Tour of the underground city with its extensive tunnel and canal system, with living, storage and cult rooms on eight previously uncovered floors. Countless ventilation shafts supplied the settlement with oxygen.

3 day: From Uçhisar to Göreme, Schwertertal Climb to the widely visible castle rock of Uçhisar with a magnificent view over multi-colored erosion valleys to the almost 4000 m high extinct volcano Erciyes. From here it goes through the picturesque valley of the dovecotes, the Görkün valley with impressive tuff cones standing next to each other like sharp pencils and through the white Liebe valley with sloping erosion forms to the Göreme open-air museum. We take our time on the circular route in the famous valley of Göreme, a world cultural heritage site with the most beautiful frescoed rock churches in Cappadocia: Basilios Church, Church with the Apple, Snake Church, Dark Church, Girls' Monastery. From the largest rock church in the area, the Tokalı Church, we hike back through the atmospheric Valley of Swords. About 6 hours, about 10 km, easy, 100 m ↑, 200 m ↓.

4 day: Çat Valley, Açık Saray, Gülşehir, Hacıbektaş Today we hike through the Çat Valley to Açık Saray: multi-story early Christian settlement complex carved into the soft tuff; The ornamented facade has partially broken off due to erosion. Churches, chapels, monasteries, dwellings, halls, storage areas and cisterns are built nested on top of each other in the smallest of spaces. Our path takes us past a gigantic tuff mushroom through garden landscape to Gülşehir; We can stop off on a viewing mountain and enjoy the view all the way to the Kızılırmak River. About 4 hours, about 10 km, easy, 200 m ↑, 300 m ↓. In Hacıbektaş, visit the former dervish monastery, founded by the medieval humanist and mystic Hacı Bektaş Veli. Today it is a museum, but also a place of pilgrimage, especially for Anatolian Alevis.

5 day:Valley, Cemil, Golgoli Valley, Taşkınpaşa: We hike through the Uzengi Valley along the stream, past hot mineral springs. In the valley, fascinating erosion forms, former cave dwellings with attached house facades and dovecotes in the steep rock faces, rock churches. About 3 hours, approx. 10 km, moderately difficult, 100 m ↑, 300 m ↓. In the afternoon, walk through Cemil, visit the Wall Church, then hike through the Golgoli Valley with the frescoed Keşlik monastery complex from the 7th/8th century. Century: Archangel Monastery, Kara Kilise, Stephanus Chapel. In Taşkınpaşa Külliye with mosque, doors and palace ruins (13th century). Near Şahinefendi, new excavation site of the late Roman-Byzantine settlement of Sobesos from the 4th/5th century. century

6 day: Aktepe, Rose Valley, Çavuşin, Mönchstal, Avanos climb to the 1273 m high Bozdağ. From Aktepe, a viewpoint with unique panoramic views, hike into the Red and Rose Valleys; Some small churches here have relief crosses under their flat roofs. The landscape is fantastic: bizarre rock pyramids and tuff cones, some small and squat, others slender and tall, almost all with “hats”; some branch into two to three tips with mushroom-like caps. The path leads through gardens with dovecotes to Çavuşin with steep, weathered residential rock. Continue to the fairy chimneys of Alibağ and into the Paşabağı valley, the monk's valley, with hermit hermitages in high tuff cones, often with several peaks. About 5 hours, approx. 15 km, moderately difficult, 400 m ↑, 600 m ↓. In Avanos visiting a pottery workshop.

7 day: Erciyes drive to the valley station of Erciyes Mountain. Travel time approx. 1 hour. We then take the chairlift up to an altitude of 2,800 m. Walking time to the camp is approx. 10 minutes, where we will help transport our things and then set up our tents. (F/L/A)

8 day: Erciyes Climb the 3,917 m high Erciyes, a former volcano that is visible from afar as the highest mountain in central Turkey. The actual summit consists of a small rock needle. Our climb is rewarded with a fantastic view. Descent to the valley station and return to the guest house in Mustafapasa. Overnight stay in the guest house. Ascent approx. 6 hours, descent approx. 3 hours. (F/L/A)

9 day: Transfer to the airport in Kayseri or Ankara (travel time approx. 4h 30min). Flight Ankara-Van. 1.5 hour flight time. Transfer to Dogubayazit, journey: approx. 2 hours. Overnight stay in the hotel (B/L/D)

10 day: Ararat Camp 1: In the morning we change to an off-road bus and drive another hour to the foot of the mountain at around 2,100 m. Tent equipment and provisions are transported by horses, so we only have to carry our backpacks with light personal belongings. On the climb we take a short detour to a Kurdish nomad family including tea and intercultural communication. We reach tent camp I at an altitude of 3,200 m and can already enjoy a beautiful view. Walking time approx. 4 hours. Overnight in a tent. (F/L/A)

11 day: Ararat Camp 2: The path climbs steadily. Our pace is deliberately leisurely. It takes us around 4 hours to climb from 3,200m to 4,200m. We walk through blooming mountain flora, with a bit of luck we see golden eagles and griffon vultures. Overnight stay in tent camp II. (B/L/D)

12 day: Ararat summit back Camp 1: Set off very early as we have a very long day ahead of us. Today we continue to climb at a deliberately leisurely pace, enjoying the awakening of the day and the wonderful view. Depending on the conditions, we will have to use crampons for the steepest parts. After about 6 hours of climbing we reach the summit. When the visibility is clear, a breathtakingly beautiful panorama awaits us. It takes us about 4 hours to descend from the summit to Camp I with a stopover at Camp II. Overnight stay in tent camp I at 3,200m. (F/L/A)

13 day:  Reserve day. (F/-/A)

14 day: Descent to the foot of the mountain. Drive to the hotel in Dogubayazit. After a break in the hotel, visit the former palace of the Kurdish Emir İshak-Pasha above Doğubayazıt. Dinner with a Kurdish family. Overnight stay in the hotel Day 14: Transfer to the airport in Van, flight home via Istanbul, extension possible. (F/-/-)

Trip: 14 Days. Cappadocia, Erciyes-Ararat in 14 days Number of participants: 2-16

Requirement: 2-3 boots

Overnight stay in tent     :  5 nights

Hotel overnight stay: 8 nights in *** hotel

Kappadokien-Erciyes und Ararat Karte.png


  • All flights

  • All overnight stays (accommodation in double rooms with shower and toilet and half-board, single room additional charge) and meals according to the program

  • All transfers in Turkey according to the program

  • Permission from Ankara for the Ascent of Ararat

  • 50 Euro entrance fee per person for the national park, Ararat

  • Licensed mountain tour guide German or English

  • Food and Beverages - full care - all included on the mountain

  • Cook

  • Luggage transport by horses on the mountain till camp 2

  • Tent for two persons & thermo mats (single person tents additional charge)

  • All rides in a modern bus


  • meals not mentioned

  • beverages

  • individual excursions and visits outside the program

  • Personal expenses

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Price without wings:     890,-€

Price with all flights:   1780,-€


01.06 - 13.06.2024  

08.06 - 21.06.2024 

Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time 

Despite careful preparation, program changes due to unforeseeable events can be expected on this trip. These can arise due to weather conditions or due to short-term changes as a result of legal regulations, political decisions or health problems of participants, etc. In any case, we will try to carry out the travel program within reasonable limits or, if not possible, to organize an equivalent replacement program. We look forward to having you with us! This trip will offer you many unforgettable experiences and impressions of a magnificent, extraordinary natural and cultural world. If this trip appeals to you, we look forward to welcoming you to our group

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