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This is what our customers say about  CEVENTRAVEL
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Nuri grew into the work through Ceven - Travel and is now a licensed mountain guide with many years of experience. With a lot of humor and joy he will bring you closer to the beauty of our breathtaking landscapes and culture. He is a real cheerful person and therefore nothing can upset him so easily. In his presence, even the worst weather can be endured, which rarely occurs in our region, but can still happen. He will pass the time with his constant good mood and show you that the glass is often not half empty, but half full.


His motto: "Some are annoyed that the roses have thorns, others are happy that the thorns have roses"

Mehmet Ceven

like his little brother Kemal, was born on the Ararat in a nomad family. He was fascinated by the world of mountaineers and so he made this his profession. He started his tours on the Ararat earlier than his brother Kemal. There are now several 100 ascents - in all weathers. He knows the area like the back of his hand. It's just fun to be out and about with him and we benefit from his many years of experience. He leads  Groups through Eastern Anatolia with a focus  Ararat ascents (also snowshoeing), as well as trekking tours through the Kackar Mountains (Pontic Mountains), the Cilog Mountains and the Taurus Mountains.  


His motto is like that of the little brother: "If you can dream it, you can do it." (If you can imagine it, you can do it too.)


Azat. Ceven

Licensed mountain guide. In conversations he amazes with his modesty and wisdom. Whether as a mountain guide of a group, whether to support the team with luggage transport on the mountain with the horses or whether to support in the kitchen tent - Azat lives up to its name, which by the way means "freedom" in Kurdish. With his attention he sees where something is missing or when someone needs something.


His motto: "The secret of freedom is courage"


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