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Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions as of 2015

Preliminary remark:


All tours and courses are carefully prepared by us. Many offers have a touch of adventure, risk and uncertainty and therefore a special charm. Despite the best of our intentions, we cannot guarantee subjective travel ideas and certain individual lines. At many events, especially in mountain sports, there is an increased risk of accidents, which cannot be completely ruled out. In any case, a considerable amount of personal responsibility and caution is required from the customer. The services of the organizer included in the price are part of the contract. The scope of services results exclusively from the travel confirmation, taking into account the advertisement in the flyer or on the Internet.

Travel contract / registration

With the registration, the customer offers the organizer, Ceven Travel, the conclusion of a binding participation contract. The contract is accepted by the tour operator's travel confirmation. When registering, a registration fee of 10% of the travel price is due, but at least € 100. If the flights are also booked, the down payment increases to at least € 500.-


The remaining payments are due 40 days before the start of the course without further request. If the registration takes place within 40 days before the start of the journey, the full amount is due upon registration.

Cancellation by the customer

Cancellation by the customer is only possible in writing and applies from the day on which it is received by the organizer. In the event of withdrawal or non-commencement of the trip, the organizer can demand appropriate compensation. The organizer can set this compensation as follows:

up to 40 days before the start of the journey EUR 30.- per participant (possibly plus flight price)
39-30 Day before departure 30% of the event price (possibly plus flight price)
29-22 Day before the start of the trip 40% of the event price (possibly plus flight price)
21.-09. Day before the start of the journey 80% of the event price (possibly plus flight price)
08th day until the start of the trip or if the trip does not start 90% of the event price (possibly plus flight price)

For flight services, the business and cancellation conditions of the respective airline apply. Paid flights will not be reimbursed by Ceven Travel; the customer must seek a possible (partial) reimbursement from the airline.



In the event of a subsequent change in the travel price, the tour operator will inform the customer immediately. The main reason could be the currency risk that the falling € rate currently entails. Price increases from the 20th day before departure are ineffective. In the event of price increases of more than 5%, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract without charges or to request participation in a trip of at least equivalent value, if the tour operator is able to offer such a trip from its offer at no additional cost to the customer. The customer must assert these rights immediately after declaring the price increase.


Cancellation and termination by the organizer

The organizer can withdraw or terminate the contract in the following cases:

a. Without notice, if the customer disrupts the event persistently, regardless of a warning from the organizer / course leader, does not meet the requirements specified in the advertisement, so that the planned implementation of the trip is endangered or behaves in breach of the contract to such an extent that the immediate termination of the contract is justified is. In the event of termination on the part of the organizer, the latter retains the right to the travel price, the expenses saved by him are offset.

b. up to 2 weeks before the start of the trip if the minimum number of participants specified in the travel advertisement is not reached. The organizer is obliged to inform the customer immediately after becoming aware of the impossibility of the trip. The travel price will be refunded.

c. The organizer / course instructor reserves the right to change or cancel the program for reasons of safety or due to unforeseeable circumstances. In this case, the saved expenses will be reimbursed.

Limitation of Liability

a. Our contractual liability is limited to three times the travel price, provided that damage to the customer is not caused intentionally or through gross negligence or the organizer is responsible for damage solely due to the fault of a service provider.

b. We are not liable for services that are only brokered as third-party services and for damage to luggage including theft, as well as for postponements due to traffic obstructions and timetable changes.

c. Our liability is excluded or limited insofar as statutory regulations that apply to the services to be provided mean that our liability is also excluded or limited.

d. In the event of unforeseeable events or events beyond our control, the customer has no claim to compensation for damages or due to impaired performance.

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the travel contract does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire contract.

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