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Packing and equipment list

What a hiker needs to pack for our tours:

Please remember that all our tours go up into very high mountains and pack your equipment and clothes accordingly. The temperatures above 5000 m can drop down quickly to -10 degrees. The second camp on Mt. Ararat is already in an ice zone.


Packing and equipment list

  1. Bag for your main luggage e.g. a touring back pack and a smaller day back pack ca.40l

  2. Sleeping bag (min. - 5 degrees)

  3. Bivouac sack (bivy bag) not essential in sommer

  4. Thermo mat (we now supply a 5cm foam mat, very comfortable!)

  5. Hiking boots (suitable for crampons)

  6. Crampons (can be borrowed for € 20.- but please notify us in advance)

  7. Sandals/trainers/sport shoes

  8. Gaiters

  9. Hiking sticks (important)

  10. Waterproof clothes - jacket & overtrousers

  11. Bathing suit

  12. Sun hat

  13. good sunglasses or glacier glasses (UV protection)

  14. Warm hat (fleece/wool), gloves (plus spares)

  15. Headlamp with spare batteries

  16. Passport or identity card

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